Commercial Leasing

We act on behalf of developers, individuals and corporate tenants, business owners and commercial landlords with respect to their leasing matters. This work includes:

  • preparing and reviewing agreements for lease, leases, Disclosure Statements, and assignments of lease;
  • advising clients in relation to the operation of the retail leasing, building and owners corporation legislation and regulations; and
  • representing clients in relation to rent reviews and lease disputes;

For Landlords

In preparing your commercial lease, we will cover such items as:

  • collecting unpaid rent and or other moneys owed under the lease;
  • return of your premises and claims for future losses upon default;
  • assignment or transfer of lease in the event that the property is sold;
  • rent review, bonds and insurance; and
  • bank guarantees, director’s guarantees or personal guarantees.

For Tenants

We will ensure that you not only understand the contents of the lease so that you can make an informed decision when entering into the lease, but also assist in negotiating terms to protect you and your business. We can advise you on matters such as:

  • your duties and liabilities as a tenant;
  • unexpected outgoings, such as cleaning, lift and air-conditioning maintenance;
  • assigning or transferring the lease if you outgrow the premises; and
  • damage to the premises, making good the premises and painting and decorating following the end of the lease.

Whether you own a commercial property, or are about to enter into a commercial or retail lease, please contact us and let us provide you with the information and advice to help you make the best commercial decision.