Notary Public

Notary public services are necessary whenever you are sending documents from Australia to other countries. We are registered with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, so no matter where your documents are going or which country they’re going to, you will be able to obtain an Apostille or authentication without problem.

Some of our services include:

  • witnessing signatures to Powers of Attorney, Statutory Declarations and Affidavits;
  • certifying as true, copies of original documents;
  • verifying identities;
  • obtaining Authentication or Apostille Certificates issued by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade; and
  • legalising authenticated public documents with foreign Embassies or Consulates located in Australia or overseas.

Document Preparation for Notarisation

If you require:

  • powers of attorney; or
  • proxy delegations,

to be drafted, we would be pleased to prepare such documents for you in anticipation of your attendance at our office to sign the above document before a notary.

Full legalisation process for use overseas

Once a document has been notarised, there may be further steps required so that it can be used in another country. We have in depth knowledge of this process to guide you through the confusing process of document legalisation.

We are able to provide full service with the legalisation process on your behalf, which may require attendances at the offices of the Department of Foreign Affairs and the embassy/consulate of the country that you wish to use the document.

Please contact us to discuss your needs.